Cooperating Firms and Outputs

  • KYBERTEC, s.r.o. – temporal and spatial distribution
    of temperature field, calculation of the efficiency of compressed air production in individual machines
  • ULIMEX, s.r.o. – measurement in a heat exchanger station
  • Dalkia Ústí nad Labem, a.s. – mathematical model of centralized heat supply system, thermal measurement
  • Black & Decker (Czech), s.r.o. – voltage and current characteristics at the thyristor system of garden vacuum cleaner, strength tests
  • KOVOS Teplice – design of photovoltaic power station, design of ventilation for powder paint shop with heat recovery
  • DAYMOON, a.s. – proposed feed mechanism of annealing flashlight heads, proposed drafting mechanism for electroplating baths, proposed exhaustion for grinding room
  • PRECIOSA, a. s. – proposal for cogeneration unit usage
  • FUJIKOKI CZECH, s.r.o. – structural analysis of Al profiles
  • TOS VARNSDORF, a.s. – measurement of individual components of the surface integrity
  • WALTER ENGINES, a.s. – analysis of the anodized tubes surface
  • TRCZ, s.r.o. – impact of corrosion products on Al components on the functionality of seat belts
  • RONAL CR, s.r.o. – optimization of thermal process, evaluation
    of the filtration effect of metal filters
  • ITS Brno, s.r.o. – analysis of coated and anodized surfaces
  • ŠKODA AUTO, a.s. – assessment of technology nodes in manufacturing process and their impact on the production quality
  • KS Kolbenschmidt Czech Republic, a.s. - optimization of material properties of cast automotive pistons, use of lean production method in the optimization of production process
  • and many others ...


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