Our Graduates

Graduates of the faculty can easily find employment in the labour market. Their field orientation and gained knowledge provide them with a very good starting point for applying their skills in practice.
During our existence, over 350 students graduated from some of the offered degree programs, with more than 250 being in the last 5 years. Some of them occupy very important positions in leading industrial enterprises in the CR and abroad. Below are mentioned some of them.

Ing. Jitka Přibíková — Alcan Děčín Extrusions
Position: Project Specialist in the Department of Production-Technical Director
Handles projects in all departments of the company - investment (investment applications, realization of investments), technical innovations, including the BLACK BELT projects which aim to improve key indicators of company such as: labour productivity, turnover, but also simplification of work or improvement within the environment and work safety.

Ing. Vlastimil Březina — Siemens s.r.o., sector: Energy, division: Generation, Transmission & Distribution
Position: Project/Construction Manager
Construction management for the reconstruction of power station ETU II in the electric field (disassembly, assembly of cable carrier systems, supply of voltage and high voltage switchgear, all transformers, high voltage switchgear, delivery, routing and wiring, launch power station for Siemens). Management of suppliers, logistics supply and all administrative activities.

Ing. Martin Meissner — Holcim Česko a.s. - extraction, processing, sale of sand, aggregate and building supplies
Position: Technical Manager
Puts into practice new technical and technological solutions in context while reducing costs of manufacturing and extraction, leads new trends in increasing work safety concerning particular technology and technical equipment, ensures coordination with the university and coordinates work on the development of new technologies for extracting and processing stone, carries out necessary measurements and equipment diagnosis in connection with the reduction of maintenance costs, and is responsible for the investment plan for the future, assesses bids from suppliers, chairs selected committees, carries out regular checks on work during the control days, cooperates with various operations managers in selecting vendors offers of a non-investment character, assesses offers of a technical and economic nature, is responsible for the running of all facilities and implementation of extraction and production plans, and conducts regular technical meetings at various departments.

Ing. Tomáš Krajsa — Kovos Teplice, production plant Verneřice
Position: Head of Business Department
Communicates with existing customers and finds new customers for the Kovos company, is involved in the pricing of new products, calculations and preparation of atypical products — custom manufacturing, participates in the preparation of projects concerning equipment of facilities with metal furniture. As the Head of Business Department communicates with both domestic and foreign customers. He is a part of business management, which means participation in business strategy planning and business development planning.

Ing. Valerie Černohlávková, Ph.D. — Chart Ferox, a.s.
Position: Manufacturing Processes Engineer
Works to increase productivity, reduce costs, shorten continuous production time, cooperates on the development of new types of products, production mapping and finally completion of the pearliting process by means of automation elements.

Ing. Martina Horáčková — ŠKODA AUTO a.s.
Position: Business Process Coordinator
Frontloading Coordinator, is in charge of product optimization, realization of 3P-workshops. Works as a coordinator when deepening the experience of practice, extending knowledge in other fields and especially in new sectors such as nano-technology and Lean Production.

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