Future Visions

In the near future the faculty aims to be a top quality scientific-pedagogical educational institution focused on education, research and development in the areas of technology, materials, constructions and economics working in close cooperation with regional and national industrial enterprises. Such visions are gradually being realized. A fundamental goal for students and employees is to expand faculty facilities.

This will be realized with the completion of the university campus, being constructed on the premises of the former Masaryk's Hospital, neighbouring with the Industrial Secondary School. The location is convenient for future cooperation with the faculty as school leavers create a lot of university applicants.

It is important in the upcoming months to obtain funds for the newly planned faculty facilities on the campus premises. If we take a virtual tour of each floor of the five-floored building we can find workshops and technical facilities on the first floor as well as several modern lecture halls and classrooms for foreign language tuition, classrooms equipped with IT used for tuition of the latest software products for production and industrial usage. The other floors include laboratories of particular departments designated for research and scientific activities. Additional facilities include offices for academic staff, PhD students and space for general faculty operations. There are several conference rooms which can be used for meetings and tutorials. In addition to the core premises, there will be another so-called 'services' area, intended to provide catering services and space for leisure activities.

The whole faculty together with the Science and Technology Park Ústí nad Labem will be situated in two neighbouring campus buildings. The faculty will relocate, therefore no longer staying in the currently used buildings.

In the year 2015, the faculty shall have the capacity for about 700 students to study in a top quality environment providing all study activities. The total number of academic staff should not exceed 50, including researchers. In the year 2012, the faculty will be able to use services of a new multifunctional centre such as university halls, study rooms and a central library built in the campus.

One of the other priorities is to open study programs in English language for Czech and international students of doctoral studies.


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
J. E. Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem
Pasteurova 3334/7
400 96 Ústí nad Labem
Czech Republic

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