International Cooperation

International cooperation is one of the less developed activities of the faculty. Although the series of students' stays abroad take place annually under the Erasmus program as well as a number of academics who depart for international experience within the Erasmus or the CEEPUS programs, foreign students still do not show sufficient interest in joining the faculty. Nevertheless, the faculty offers a range of options such as studies
of selected courses in English, some excellently equipped laboratories and exceptional cooperation with industry.

In the past, the faculty addressed two long-term international development cooperation projects focused on the technical studies in Bolivia and Namibia. Many students are allowed to stay at foreign universities and, more recently, including PhD students’ stays at foreign institutions.

International cooperation in research and scientific work is still not so widespread, which is also due to the relatively short existence of the faculty. Recently, a cooperative effort in science and research areas with research institutes in the U.S., England, Poland, the Slovak Republic and some other countries such as Serbia and Croatia, has been done.

Some academics are members of editorial boards of journals published abroad – such as in England and in the Slovak Republic, and they regularly become members of European scientific conference committees.


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