Main Topics of the Research

  • Solving production problematics in technology and materials,

  • Destructive and non destructive testing of materials,

  • Thermal measurement and measurement by high-speed camera,

  • Impact analysis on the surface properties during the process of grinding,

  • Research on grinding of ceramic materials,

  • Load capacity of the surface layers of machined surfaces, residual stress in surface layers,

  • Wear testing — abrasion, erosion, cavitations, corrosionof metallic and nonmetallic materials,

  • Influence of surface quality on fracture behavior,

  • Research on surface layers protection against wear, testing, analysis and properties of layers,

  • Evaluation of corrosion damage, tests in corrosion chamber with evaluation, material testing of corrosion resistance,

  • Tests for foundry processes — alloying, inoculation, modifying, research on yield melting process and metallurgical purity,

  • Monitoring and management of technological correlation process of performance and process values,

  • Experimental and computational modeling of structural components,

  • Modeling stress-strain states of materials,

  • Measurements of steel structures and machinery vibrations,

  • Effect of vibration system on the quality of the material surface,

  • Study on the behavior of unsymmetrical bodies,

  • Static and dynamic calculations on operationally loaded elements,

  • Manufacture of plastic prototypes in 3D printer,

  • Influence of process fluid and its reduction before grinding,

  • Dependence of surface integrity on process conditions and its importance in the dynamic loading,

  • Experimental modeling of technological process,

  • Material research of specific structural components,

  • Load rating of the surface structures after mechanical, thermo-mechanical and corrosion load,

  • Metallographic and fractographic analyses of metallic materials,

  • Quantitative measurement of structural components by 2D and 3D image analyses,

  • EDX and EDS analyses of materials, spectrometric analysis of metallic materials,

  • Exploration, evaluation and optimization of thermal processes concerning aluminium materials,

  • Critical path in the production process,

  • Economic analysis of the production process,

  • Optimizing the implementation of investment options


    Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
    J. E. Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem
    Pasteurova 3334/7
    400 96 Ústí nad Labem
    Czech Republic

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