Study programs

Bachelor degree programs and their core subjects are designed to provide graduates with a sufficient orientation in specific scientific field and its foundations. With the exception of the bachelor degree program 'Specialization in Pedagogy' there is some kind of content basis overlap in essential disciplines. The profiling is then formed by core subjects defining their own field of study. In this regard, the bachelor study programs 'Engineering Technology' (with study fields ‘Production Management’, ‘Management of Glass and Plastics’) and 'Engineering' (with study fields ‘Production Security’, ‘Materials and Technologies in Transport’) are just profiling by these subjects.

The possibility to continue these studies is then provided through successive master study programs, 'Engineering Technology' with the study field 'Production Preparation and Management' which logically follows the bachelor degree program of 'Production Management' and 'Engineering' with study field of 'Materials and Technologies in Transport', which is designed as a follow-up for the bachelor study field with the same title. The follow-up master studies are obviously due to the proximity of bachelor studies opened to all other study fields provided not only by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering but also other universities. The prerequisites for study are found listed in the admission procedures.

The culmination of the three-degree structure is then the doctoral degree study of 'Engineering Technology'.

For more information about study programs see the Information package & Course catalogue.


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