The faculty provides educational activities in accredited degree programs and study fields corresponding with structured studies starting from bachelor degrees followed by master and doctoral degrees. The faculty with its educational activities responds to societal demands of the region and aims to provide structured technically-oriented studies at UJEP and thus support the development of tertiary education. Given the nature of our industrial region, there is a demand for technically or techno-economically educated workers which is fully respected in relation to the structure of courses and programs provided and developed by the faculty. Programs are implemented on the basis of cooperation and in accordance with the demands of industrial corporations.

The concept of the faculty is, in relation to the structure of degree programs and study fields, aimed at the production concern in order to ensure quality university-educated human resources for all areas of the business sector at various management levels. Programs and courses are based on the requirements proposals from regional manufacturing enterprises, regional representatives and of course the demand of future students to obtain all degrees of higher education. It is important to understand that the faculty is the only university workplace located in the region which produces techno-economically oriented graduates. The faculty is trying to create an effective and balanced structure of degree programs and courses aimed at production and which ensure innovation.

In parallel with this fundamental concept the faculty provides technically oriented education for future teachers of 'Technical Training', in cooperation with the Faculty of Science at UJEP. The combination with other courses is based on mutual agreement, and thus guarantees technical education at lower levels of education. The ultimate impact of providing technical education at a primary school level is to increase interest in technical disciplines at a higher level and subsequently ensure the human resources required for the production sphere.

The faculty has established a close cooperation with industry since the time of its predecessor, The Institute of Production Technology and Management. This cooperation is in some cases contractual — solving research, students' training and defending final bachelor and diploma theses. Cooperation with production enterprises of the region is carried out on the basis of personal contacts and regular meetings of representatives of the faculty with the enterprises leadership. The cooperation provides improvement of quality of learning, guarantee of students' training within the enterprises, opportunity for excursions, specialized training courses for employees, seminars and research or expert services.

With current bachelor degree programs, successive master and doctoral programs, the faculty has established a three-degree structure of technically focused studies executed in full-time form (FT) and for the all core study programs even in combined form (C) of study.

Other interesting study programs are ready to be accredited. The newest of them, being already accredited, is Energetics. The faculty assumes to arouse great interest among prospective students regarding the expected level of graduates' employability and the interests of companies operating within the energy industry.


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
J. E. Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem
Pasteurova 3334/7
400 96 Ústí nad Labem
Czech Republic

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