Department of Technology and Material Engineering

Department of Technologies and Materials Engineering (DTME) is part of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, which was established on 1 September 2017 from the Institute of Production Technology and Management, which was established on 1 November 1998.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is the organizational unit of the University of Jan Evangelista in Ústí nad Labem (UJEP was founded on September 28, 1991).

DTME is a department of the profile and is the guarantor of two fields of study in the Bachelor's program (Manufacturing Technology, Materials and Technology in traffic) and two Master's degree in the field of industry (Manufacturing and Production control, Materials and Technologies in transport) and in full-time and combined studies.

Based on the requirements and demand of manufacturing enterprises and to provide a complete technical education material on UJEP in 2013 prepared and approved by the Scientific Council the new degree course in Materials Science Bachelor´s degree programs and Materials science and forensic analysis of materials in the master´s degree programs. Both new degree courses are submitted for accreditation in 2014 as part of the overall reaccreditation of the faculty. The Department also has a doctorate study and 10 doctoral students in full-time.

Department of Technologies and Materials Engineering is engaged in teaching engineering subjects in the field of chip area and without chip technologies, quipment and tools , assembly, manufacturing processes and their design. It also deals with teaching material properties and their use, metal physics, mathematical modeling etc. The department has built a total of 15 laboratories for technological and material research work for bachelor , master and doctoral and education in accredited fields . The Department also has extensive collaboration with industry in the context of applied research . In 2013 was completed instrumentation department for material research about buying a scanning electron microscope and electron microscopy laboratory was established . It was further strengthened in the area of technology equipment by purchasing CNC machining centers.

The Department has 28 members: 3 professors , 2 associate professors , 8 assistant professors, 2 THP workers , 3 External staff and 10 PhD students. In 2013, a large department staffed strengthened by obtaining a professor in the area of technology transfer and other workers from the canceled 3 Department of Mathematics and Physics.

Widespread activity is outside the university, in the context of lectures at other universities, conferences , participation in examination committees and editorial boards or in the organization of international conferences by department ( ICTKI , Microscopy and NDT , Aluminum and non-ferrous metals) in 2013.


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
J. E. Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem
Pasteurova 3334/7
400 96 Ústí nad Labem
Czech Republic

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